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Are you sure your family will be financially secure if you pass away?

If you have not yet made a Will, we recommend you do so now.  If you don’t leave written instructions about the disposal of your property and belongings, the law will make these decisions, with possibly disastrous consequences.

Why make a Will?

  1. To guarantee that your wishes are implemented and your loved ones receive what you intend.
  2. To personalise the appointment of your executors (who have the right to ingather and distribute your estate).
  3. To simplify the administration of the estate.
  4. To look to minimise any taxation that could potentially be payable.
  5. To appoint guardians in contemplation of parents dying before any children reach the age of majority.
  6. To choose your beneficiaries and to fix the relevant legacies.
  7. To express your wishes as to cremation or burial and funeral arrangements.
  8. To ensure your charitable donations.
  9. To avoid intestacy (where there is no Will) and the operation of the laws of intestacy which might be in conflict with your wishes.


(There may be personal circumstances in your life where a Will could be inappropriate.  We will always advise you of the course of action that is best for you.)

Why Change a Will?

  1. To implement a change of mind.
  2. To respond to a change in personal circumstances, e.g. the death of a family member,  a marriage or divorce or the birth of a child.
  3. To respond to any changes in the taxation regime.
  4. To change any of the executors originally appointed.


How and why Brunton Miller can help.

  1. We have a Specialist Private Client Department with a wealth of experience honed over generations of service to our clients.
  2. Our advice is covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  3. We have a Secure Will Strongroom for safekeeping of original documents.
  4. We are professional, confidential and caring.


Now all you need to do is contact us – and put your mind at rest!



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